Multiple Measure Drum Grooves


Not all drum grooves are one measure long. Some notes on symmetry



Half Time

Moving the back beat to beat three of every measure creates the illusion that the pulse has slowed down to half the speed. This works best with medium, medium/fast, and fast tempos.


Bass Drum Variation

The value of each chord has been cut in half creating more motion.


Backbeat Shift

The backbeat of one measure can be shifted ahead or behind a subdivision. It should be balanced out in the other measure by moving it back to the downbeat. Beat two was shifted over to the + in the first measure and shifted back in the second in this example.


Subdivision Subtraction

This is a variation using a combination of longer and shorter chords. You can surprise the listener by changing the harmonic rhythm at the end of the phrase.


Double Clap

Once you know about the double clap, it is hard to not hear it everywhere. At the end of the phrase (usually in the fourth measure), a second backbeat instrument has an attack on the + of three and beat four.