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6.2 lesson plan // title


Students will be able to write the form for an original song.


Pop Song Form →
Rhythmic Roles →


6.2 Organizer →


  1. List the song sections in an order that follows the guidelines for pop song form. 

  2. Identify how many four measure phrases are in each section. 

  3. Describe the texture by establishing the amount of chordal instruments and their rhythmic roles for each section. 

  4. Give the type of ending that the song will use: crescendo, fade out, stop, tag, hit and hold.


  • Only use sections that are two phrases long. 

  • Allow students to use only one chordal instrument with a pads and punches rhythm.

  • Limit the sections to: intro, ending, verse, chorus, and bridge.


  • Require a pre-chorus.